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Wow... just had the partners webinar with the Sitefinity folks about the 4.0 release. A couple things came to mind after the webinar.

The first is how great everyone at Sitefinity is about communicating on all fronts. Their support and forum mediators are awesome to deal with but also just in general as a company. It's not frequent that a company comes out and asks and keeps partners involved with development progress and features to be included. Like today a partner suggested an inclusion to the new 4.0 release and Ivan Osmak the presenter immediately said that it is not in the works for 4.0 but we will add it in, no problem. Now it wasn't an earth shattering request but still a new feature request. I just think that's great of the Sitefinity folks.

The second is all the awesome plans for 4.0. Now I would love to go on for hours about all of the great stuff planned for 4.0 but unfortunately I would be hanged, drawn and quartered for something like that, which incidentally was the penalty for high treason in medieval England. All I can say is that it is going to be just awesome! :)

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