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December's newsletter has a short article written by yours truly outlining some of the new cool features of Sitefinity 4.0, due out in January. The article is below or you can view it at its source here.

 Sitefinity is a content management system (CMS). A CMS is a piece of software that allows users to update content on a website or intranet site. On January 14th Sitefinity will be releasing the long awaited Sitefinity 4.0. Over the last couple of years the folks at Sitefinity have been gathering website success and failure stories as well as input from the user and developer communities. This information, which now drives the roadmap of 4.0 and future releases, is the catalyst for the Sitefinity team to rebuild their CMS from the ground up. The rebuilding of Sitefinity includes some very exciting functionality like a layout editor, form builder, built-in analytics and many more new features.

The layout editor empowers the content editors. It allows users to easily, within minutes, restructure the content on their website pages and create new custom templates on the fly just by dragging and dropping layout elements. The ability to create pages and templates with virtually any configuration whether it is multiple columns or something a little more dynamic provides an enormous amount of flexibility when delivering your content.

The form builder module takes advantage of the same drag and drop functionality that powers the layout editor but also enables users to configure custom sign-up forms, registration forms or any other form need. After the form is created and published to your site when a visitor completes the form all of the entered information is saved into the Sitefinity database. This information can easily be exported to excel and imported into other internal systems whether it be for sales leads or product orders.

Sitefinity now contains an implementation of Google Analytics. By including it within Sitefinity you no longer have to browse externally to another site to view how many visitors you have to your site and where those visitors are located. In the future this information may be able to be used to identify returning visitors and provide a more customized experience for the user.

With all of the new functionality in 4.0 coupled with most of the original functionality that is available in Sitefinity 3.7, 4.0 is sure to provide a significant impact on your digital marketing and branding initiatives. It will also provide a strong return on your investment by enabling your organization to quickly and easily update and maintain your website without the need for a website developer.

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