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Dynamics CRM Portals in Sitefinity: Part 1 saw the creation of the Dynamics CRM account form. This form allowed us to create new accounts directly into your Dynamics CRM implementation from a Sitefinity portal. Part 2 will cover listing accounts and editing accounts from Dynamics CRM.

Creating a List of Accounts

In The Portal Connector there are several ways to produce and format lists of data like accounts, this blog post will feature the simplest way using the CRM Add/Edit Grid View.

Add the Add/Edit Grid View Widget to a Page

  1. To add the widget to the page, navigate to the "Pages" section of the Sitefinity admin area.
  2. Add a new page called "Add/Edit Account".

    Add/Edit Account Page
  3. Drag a "CRM Add/Edit Grid View" widget onto the page.

    CRM Add/Edit Grid View Widget
  4. Click "Edit" for the CRM Add/Edit Grid View.
  5. A window will open with several options to select from.

    Grid Properties
  6. There are many features to the CRM Add/Edit Grid View but for this post we want to focus on just a few:
    • Check the "Allow Adding Records" and in the drop down box that appears select the account form created in Dynamics CRM Portals in Sitefinity: Part 1.
    • Do the same for the "Allow Editing Records" properties. The Account form can be used for both the add functionality and the edit functionality.
  7. Now we need to tell the grid what data to retrieve from Dynamics CRM.
    • Click the "Data" tab at the top of the properties window.

    • Select "Account" from the drop down box.
    • Click "Load Default Fetch". This will load the default query information from the account entity in your Dynamics CRM implementation. Alternately you could build or customize the query in the "Build" feature.

      FetchXML Builder
  8. After the data is configured, click "Save".
  9. Publish the page by clicking the "Publish" button.
  10. Navigate to the page on the live site.

    Configured Grid
  11. Clicking the "Add New" button on the grid will take you to the add account form.

    Add New Record
  12. Clicking the Edit Pencil for a record will take you to the edit account form.

    Edit Account Form

In my next post I will demonstrate how to display related contacts to the account. Full sized images for this post can be found here.

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